June 6, 2016

Michael Ellenhorn has left Fox Rodney Search, LLLP, a legal recruiter, to join the innovative corporate intelligence start-up, Decipher, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

“The challenges facing growth-focused professional services firms are becoming more complex by the day.   Risks are increasing as the financial stakes rise, and senior executive/partner compensation pushes to new highs.  I felt that I could make a greater contribution to our clients by helping them to address those risks associated with senior level hires,” said Ellenhorn.

Ellenhorn has been involved with Decipher since its launch in January, 2015.  In just 18 short months the business has grown dramatically, adding impressive clients and committed intelligence analysts.

Decipher’s approach - unique in the market - continues to reshape the industry for investigative intelligence in the talent acquisition space, by offering greater transparency while working closely with its clients on an ongoing basis to improve their hiring success rates.  The Company’s confidence in its ability to sustain significant growth in professional and financial services markets is well-supported by the long-term dynamics of the senior lateral hire market and the increasing costs associated with poorly performing lateral hires.

“Leaders of professional services firms are trying to harness the power of competitive intelligence dramatically to transform not only their firms, but their own roles, in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive business landscape,” adds Ellenhorn. Knowing Michael, as I have, for such a long time, and working with him side-by-side since our launch, I am excited that he has decided to join the management team full time as Co-Founder and General Counsel of Decipher,” said Howard Rosenberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Decipher.


About Decipher: 

Decipher is an independent corporate intelligence provider which assists firms with reducing the risk of a ‘bad’ executive level hire.  Our unique data-driven approach utilizes investigative technologies, extensive market knowledge and a global network of human and objective intelligence resources. Decipher executes assignments for some of the world’s leading legal and financial services firms. Decipher: Global. Independent. Discreet.

Ellenhorn Leaves Fox Rodney Search to Join Investigative Intelligence Provider Decipher

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DECIPHER℠ is an independent corporate intelligence provider which assists firms with reducing the risk of a bad executive level hire.