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Our Advantage


DECIPHER is an independent corporate intelligence provider which assists firms with reducing the risk of a bad executive level hire.

We are committed to our clients’ strategic growth initiatives, passionate about their success, and proud to be their partner.

The Best People.

We hire the most qualified subject matter experts in the world. In addition, our people must also have the desire, passion and ability to share their in-depth knowledge with our valued client firms. How do we know we have great people? Our clients tell us so.

Partnership Philosophy.

We are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our client firms. Founded on shared strategic vision, ethics, standards, and values, these relationships result in dramatic success.


We provide impartial investigative intelligence for some of the most successful firms in the world.


Our worldwide presence makes our risk management and due diligence solutions global, scalable, and available 24/7. Extensive knowledge of the legal market combined with global reach makes Decipher 'One Firm' worldwide.


Each due diligence project is undertaken with the utmost propriety and sensitivity. In addition, we can assure clients that our due diligence services are fully compliant with the provisions of all applicable data protection regulations.