DECIPHER is an independent corporate intelligence provider which assists firms with reducing the risk of a bad executive level hire.

Howard Rosenberg, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Story

"Legal and professional services firms continue
to embrace sophisticated recruitment strategies
that require rigorous and specialized risk
management and due diligence expertise."


Successful firms operating in today’s increasingly challenging business climate acknowledge the rapid decline of results from internal efforts to obtain accurate lateral candidate information beyond the traditional background check. With an estimated 43% of resumes containing inaccuracies, including in some cases fraudulent work or education, the pre-employment investigation services we provide supports firms by ensuring that your lateral hires are renowned for excellence and integrity.

Recognized globally as a leader in the Risk Management market space, DECIPHER℠ pre-employment background investigation and personnel assessment services provides specialized and independent market intelligence to sophisticated clients who understand the financial and reputational risks associated with recruitment. Firms that partner with us profit from our extensive market knowledge, longstanding professional networks and outreach that only a leading global firm can provide.

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